LAAF 2019: The Audition – Bronze for Best Student Animation

Congrats to our filmmaker Dani Bowman!

The founder and chief creative officer Dani Bowman has her animated short u0022The Auditionu0022 won Bronze for u0022Best Student Animationu0022 at the u003cstrongu003eLos Angeles Animationu003c/strongu003e u003cstrongu003eFestival!u003c/strongu003ennA huge thank you to LAAF 2019’s sponsor u003cstrongu003eToon Boom Animationu003c/strongu003e for providing the software to bring her animated short to life!

Film Festival Acceptances!

u0026nbsp;nn;v=0ggb0Tm9ycku0026amp;feature=emb_logonnThis holiday season, don’t miss the two animated shorts, u003cemu003eu003cstrongu003eThe Auditionu003c/strongu003e u003c/emu003eat the Los Angeles Animation Festival, and u003cemu003eu003cstrongu003eThe Indiana Cheese Muncheru003c/strongu003e u003c/emu003eat the Palm Springs International Animation Festival u0026amp; Expo!

The Audition at LAAF 2019

The animated short u003cemu003eu003cstrongu003eThe Auditionu003c/strongu003eu003c/emu003e has been officially selected at the Los Angeles Animation Festival.nnStarring the voice of the amazing Debi DerryberrynAnimated by Dani BowmannMusic by Keaton Bicknellu003cspan class=u0022text_exposed_showu0022u003enSound Mixing by Ken MoranAnimation Timing by Lee Croweu003c/spanu003enu003cdiv class=u0022text_exposed_showu0022u003ennThis was Dani Bowman’s senior thesis at Woodbury University.nnA HUGE thank you to Toon Boom for supporting this animated short, and helping to bring the circus to life!nnAlso a huge thank to Woodbury professor Ric Heitzman for helping Dani animate this short.nnSo come join us on Saturday December 7th at 11:15am!n11110 Victory blvd, North Hollywood, CA 916006.nnTickets are only $10, and you can get them at u003ca href=u0022;h=AT2bj87KFSctX75MhBK35QFTubECaSaNkA6YNUylijQE1Ikz6_JgF1Q8Mx10ZTwl2_aw4vB-uib0FEepx3gcG5-GVjxGZGmoYnlX2yGjfUBLr9FBbpSDMwZVaDVUTJBfm_U73kA7rRSdTvqdZLrRyXuOlJdgVgSvU7J4R4T71cz4Ook1XVT5hMXD3zdmN4Z3JtJjpzBXs_vaPOds2nOjngdB0_cJqFEYjMJvMET-qNO8iJSPmyPBKqGHjGMOlEey_33y3VEtSPuczGFvrYQW4i0K8U1QBM1AP9VkRhcNwd_DSB9O_OgtSroA6HWQ3pHjH9r39f7dBJkhQzgprlrnji1w9CPxUPSrl3BO2P4kWLWYTvz0fB49zY_fwaxBX82CAfRz4DSab2-YxoRmjGgxW88zbIPVWQrn3PNoMcoeP7Ee1zL9N2TOOV3mpW8gfjboTMVJVMZ8qMHBEePDiKjftCGeMlazE_UkL-vTCLEmeUpABlskKcL5wXeuVeV2cljAKVxzHNXWBlFvlpJP3WDvrirSRA8lFR0IjWTUYQ_v03QqPeEBmYzzYHTpDXuAg-BcgHROYzLMSOaJZL3YKfYMJsMMn0AcBO8ARzovzPmksduB36LcYmyqASMJ4AtMWaUdQtEHBwu0022 target=u0022_blanku0022 rel=u0022noopener nofollowu0022 data-ft=u0022{u0026quot;tnu0026quot;:u0026quot;-Uu0026quot;}u0022 or at the door!nnu003c/divu003e

The Indiana Cheese Muncher at PSIAF 2019

u003cemu003eu003cstrongu003eThe Indiana Cheese Muncheru003c/strongu003eu003c/emu003e by Zoe Ramos has been accepted and will be showing at the 2019 Palm Springs International Animation Festival and Expo (PSIAF)!nnThe producer Dani Bowman will be hosting the Academy of Dream Awards, showing u0022The Indiana Cheese Muncheru0022, along with u0022The Perfect Circleu0022 by Faith Butterfield and the Exceptional Minds Animation Block!nu003cdiv class=u0022text_exposed_showu0022u003ennThe Academy Dream Awards line up will screen on Saturday December 14th at 4:00pm at the Mary Pickford 14 Cinema, followed with a panel discussion with the filmmakers, honoring animators of all different abilities.nnTickets are available at:nu003ca href=u0022;utm_term=eventurl_textu0026amp;fbclid=IwAR33Rfq8bGpK3_N9yFKG5MZK9JEJpwzWArFXNs9bL2EJiOM6fcdA1fJ9bh8u0022 target=u0022_blanku0022 rel=u0022noopener nofollowu0022 data-ft=u0022{u0026quot;tnu0026quot;:u0026quot;-Uu0026quot;}u0022 data-lynx-mode=u0022originu0022 data-lynx-uri=u0022;h=AT3GtIICxNbhUNnUY4Cjh5lSqezGRwcoAPpjNoBy5l-rcAKfdosJwlS0u2If8VQdwkNguMiBj3XMTmcwkp-TkNuVXSKKs9SHJ8JxrrzA_T_XVCiTIxPLkg511Qz70ihA3-nnBZ5Dk-kTiYGY9sn12Hpm1XyHGWk3vO5O0QPJZRh38Pzgjcrq4DDnZPK3t1wvAk_DThW_z1xfnx9wVPJxPc19ulDu7B92u1hOOFE20rfJHgBdZWhyufcDStJ-9HcIHHVwg1ZOU2_SVNwGOa-AtHOa-bNMx9OAlzS5vgfFXQGewr-LdMGNqj8iM5wPSmndkIH4Twts04XzokgCNciYhLIlg0mx0w6z0lmz5Kpxja5-F4ZFeXdvMpQIMnwGc5-phvFzO6GY82qAGtDicCdsKFR4iEI0vAVKxneOGWpjOFcx0r0HfUMpKifmbZuc8RGbBGvJCM3vRQ42ZCS6G2PmgnHHgZNWqSH5oOGG4I03PZEeBv8_kmZwArsl1Mb3-wCWTLtdkkZfVsHd8HQp-l9IvM5rBwxWeKBrWyyEkcAm5n9CpWKV1vFCPzi_6vN9Si-e9CE-Z3yZhLG8RWpqzuo6CGagX9OnFTdFKDH1ee2IZFkH9VetWF5RmvI78z7H9XNweYziafdC9uSFiQu0022u003e…u003c/au003ennu003c/divu003e

The Spec Lab Records Musical Extravaganza!


Joins us this Thursday for a FREE music extravaganza with Tom Kenny (the voice of sponge bob) and his band Tom Kenny & The Hi-Seas will perform on stage along side our awesome artists on the spectrum like Lucas Salusky, Domonique Brown, Soulshocka, and Tara Tighiouart on stage at the El Ray Theater for a very special and awesome fun music release/fundraiser music show.

As a gift to you, we are offering this event for FREE! And if the giving bug gets you, you can give back by buying a CD or two and help support our awesome artists on the spectrum.

Hope to see you there!

“Limitless: The Story Of Dani Bowman” BY Kendra Quadra

Notes About the Author

Kendra Quadra is my classmate from Mike Sonsken’s Journeys and LA Stories class at Woodbury University. I am really honored that she did this article write up about me and was published on Cultural Weekly.  She did an amazing job. 🙂

Special thanks to our professor Mike Sonsken for all his guidance and encouraging us to just be our best selves. 🙂

About the Author

Kendra Quadra is an Interdisciplinary student at Woodbury University with a focus in interior architecture and management. Kendra was born in Los Angeles in 1996, but moved to Modesto in 2004. In 2014 she moved back to Los Angeles to attend Woodbury University. Her background includes photography, cinematography, fashion styling, creative directing, product development, branding, graphic design, interior design, and makeup artistry. Kendra is currently in the field of real estate and hopes to apply the essence of her creativity to her future enterprises.

The New DaniMation Entertainment Website will Open Soonish…

With updated, it will be my personal website related to being part of the autism community including public speaking, teaching animation, and appearances.

The new DaniMation Entertainment website will include an online resume only for animation, my list of commercial work including my 7 animated shorts that I premiered at San Diego Comic-Con. All of the DaniMation Entertainment related stuff will all be moved in. 🙂

With two separate websites and, people don’t have to worry which website will categorized as “Autism Advocate Related” or “Animation Related”.

Once the new website is up and loading, it will be ready for animation company clients to take a look at the portfolio. 🙂

Please stand by everybody! Gets Updated

My website is right now updating, and it will continue to change overtime as I continue to add more art in my Art Portfolio website,  some new videos like the behind-the-scenes of producing animated shorts, and new public speaking engagement videos.

Please hang tight everyone while Zyrin animates away! Thank you very much!