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Dani Bowman

Empowering Voices, Inspiring Change

Discover the captivating journey of Dani Bowman, an esteemed autism advocate, dynamic animator, and captivating public speaker. With a profound blend of personal experiences and expert insights, Dani ignites transformative conversations on autism and employment, captivating audiences worldwide.

As a sought-after speaker and presenter, Dani has graced diverse events and conferences with her engaging talks. Renowned for her compelling narratives and informative discourse, she effortlessly navigates the complexities of animation, autism, and employment, leaving an indelible mark on every audience.

In her riveting presentations, Dani delves into her personal odyssey as an autistic individual, unveiling how her passion for animation served as a beacon, guiding her past social hurdles toward remarkable success. She passionately advocates for embracing neurodiversity, advocating for inclusivity not only in the workplace but also across society’s fabric.


Dani’s passion for animation began at a young age doing stop motion animation before she was verbal, and she started taking classes at a Woodbury University in Burbank, California when she was just 15 years old. She continued to study animation throughout high school, and then continued at Woodbury University to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation Magna Cum Laude and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration Summa Cum Laude.

Highlighting the unique strengths and talents of autistic individuals, Dani champions a paradigm shift, urging society to embrace and celebrate diversity. Through her dynamic talks, she ignites a powerful call to action, inspiring lasting change in perceptions and policies.

Join Dani Bowman on a transformative journey, where every word spoken sparks hope, understanding, and empowerment. Together, let’s build a world that celebrates the brilliance of neurodiversity and fosters inclusive environments where every individual can thrive.

Professional Background

During her sophomore year in high school, when she was just 14 years old, Dani founded her own animation company, DaniMation Entertainment. At 15, she was introduced to actor, director and special ed educator Joey Travolta and quickly partnered with him to produce several short film projects and to teach animation at his programs in Burbank and Bakersfield California as well as his Inclusion Films summer workshop programs around the United States.

Since then, Dani has continued to grow and expand her business in both commercial animation and education, premiering 11 short animated films at San Diego Comic-Con, working animation legends Ron Paulson, Tom Kenny, June Foray, Joe Montagne expanding her summer animation workshop programs to Florida, Ohio, California, and in 2019, opened DaniMation UK launching workshops at the University of Plymouth and later at Brunel University in London. In 2020, Dani pivoted her in person programs online, adapting to a unique 1:1 peer teaching and mentoring “learn while you create” that serves students around the world. Dani was accepted in the first cohort in disability entrepreneurship incubator program at The Viscardi Center for Disability Employment and a subsequent incubator program with Innovation DuPage.

Speaking on Important Topics of Autism, Employment and Her Personal Journey

In her presentations, Dani talks about the challenges that individuals with autism face in finding and maintaining employment, as well as strategies for success. She discusses the importance of understanding and accommodating individual differences, building self-advocacy skills, and fostering inclusive workplaces. Dani also shares insights on the benefits of hiring individuals with autism and how they can contribute to the workforce in unique and valuable ways. Overall, her presentations aim to increase awareness and understanding of autism in the workplace and promote greater opportunities for individuals with autism to succeed in their careers.


Great stories, well told, can inspire hearts and minds. Make your event unforgettable.

Speaking Videos

ABC of North Carolina


Keynote for ABC of NC’s 14th Annual Gourmet Lunchbox Lunch at Millennium Center in Winston-Salem.

The Gourmet Lunchbox Lunch is ABC’s major annual fundraiser bringing people from all over NC and was live streamed during the event.

Temple Grandin and Friends

Club Nokia Los Angeles

Opening Speaker for Autism Works Now Event at Club Nokia.
Other speakers included Temple Grandin,
Ed & Matt Asner, Joey Travolta,
Stephen Shore, James Durbin,
Joe Mantegna, Michael Tolleson



OCALICON 2014 drew over 1,500 educators, intervention specialists, administrators, SLPs, psychologists, policy-makers, parents/family members, self-advocates, special education directors, and many others from 40+ states, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Past Speaking Engagements


  • Gateway Academy – Commencement Address
  • Autism Society of San Diego
  • High Tech High
  • Pennsylvania Children’s’ Interagency Conference – Keynote
  • Autism Partnership Foundation Panel
  • Butterfly Effects CE Session
  • Love on the Spectrum – Nextflix Emmy For Your Consideration Event
  • Autism in Entertainment – Panel
  • Museum of the Moving Image – Opening Night Panel
  • Everyday Lives PA Conference – Keynote
  • CARD Florida State Conference – Keynote


  • Children’s Autism Services of Edmonton
  • Els for Autism
  • Autism Society of San Diego
  • Autism Speaks – Light up the Blues
  • OcaliCon Online, “Transformative Effects of Peer Teaching”
  • Stanford SNP-Reach/Stanford Neurodiversity Project
  • Columbia University
  • Total Education Solutions
  • Autism Investors Summit – Love on the Spectrum Panel
  • Los Angeles Comic-Con


  • Skechers Foundation – Friendship Walk Featured Speaker
  • Museum of the Moving Image – Best Director Speech
  • Autism Alliance SoCal Social Group Facilitator
  • California Institute on Secondary Transition “Bridges V to the Future” Youth Session


  • Panel Moderator, San Diego International Children’s Film Festival At San Diego Comic-Con, “The Home Office” Panel
  • Keynote, ABC of North Carolina, 14th Annual Gourmet Lunchbox Luncheon.


  • Aquarium of the Pacific, Glenn McIntyre Award Acceptance


  • Panel Moderator, Palm Springs International Animation Festival.
  • Panel Moderator, San Diego International Children’s Film Festival At San Diego Comic-Con.
  • Frank D Lanterman Regional Center Annual SCAT Parents Meeting.


  • Panel Moderator, Los Angeles Comic-Con.
  • Panel Moderator, Palm Springs International Animation Festival.
  • Panel Moderator, San Diego International Children’s Film Festival At San Diego Comic-Con.
  • Performing Arts West Los Angeles, The Importance of Arts and Employment.
  • Frank D Lanterman Regional Center Annual SCAT Parents Meeting


  • The Art of Autism Exhibit at the  H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III Cultural and Art Museum. Covina, CA.
  • Gateway Academy Commencement Speech at Scottsdale Community College. Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ.
  • Autism and the Arts: Supporting Students In A Post-Secondary Studio Environment. Daemen College. Amherst/Buffalo, NY.
  • Alaska Autism Resource Center Roadshow. Fairbanks, Valdez, Palmer, Sitka, and Anchorage, AK
  • Alaska Autism Resource Center Roadshow. Juneau, Bethel, Soldotna, and Anchorage, AK


  • Oklahoma Statewide Autism Conference, Oklahoma City, OK, Keynote
  • Temple Grandin & Friends at Club Nokia, Los Angeles, CA


  • OCALICON, Columbus, OH. Keynote sponsored by Hasbro Inc., to an audience of over 2000 people.
  • CORE 10, Long Beach, CA. Informative speech to transition young adults about the importance of having a college education.
  • AGI conference in Bolder, CO. Informative speech about myself to my fellow leaders.
  • Advanced LA, Los Angeles, CA. Informative speech to transition young adults about the importance of having a college education.
  • APSE, Long Beach, CA. Informative speech to transition young adults about the importance of having a college education.
  • Conference. Persuasive speech to the autism community about why it’s beneficial to them to employee people with disabilities.
  • La Canada Kiwanis club. Persuasive speech to small business employers about why it’s beneficial to them to employee people with disabilities.
  • Autism in Long Beach “Bully Free Zone 1 2 and 3” in 2014/2013/2012 Persuasive speech to intercity kids of all abilities about the importance of staying in school and going to collage.
  • Aquarium of the Pacific, Festival of Human Abilities. A closing speech to thank everyone for attending.
  • Pitting for Autism Benefit. Informative speech to a punk rock audience about autism.


  • Art of Autism, Mr. Music Head art event in Hollywood, as well as featuring my art. Talking about art and autism.
  • Acceptance speech at Exceptional Ability Award “for Next Level Artist”


  • ARI Conference, Irvine, CA, Employment Panel.
  • 6th annual Autism Conference of America. Informative speech, “My Story“.
  • Genius of Autism, McCarton Foundation, New York, NY
  • Golden Goody Award, Award Acceptance Speech. 
  • Art of Autism, Barnesdale Theater in Hollywood, Informative Speech about myself and my animation company
  • Art of Autism, Southern California Gas Company, Informative Speech about myself and my animation company
  • Cal-TOSH, Informative Speech about myself and my animation company
  • California Avocado Festival in Carpentaria, CA, Informative Speech about myself and my animation company, followed by a book reading of one of my books.
  • Orange County Festival of Children’s Books, Informative Speech about myself and my animation company, followed by a book reading of one of my books.
  • Rotary Club in Auburn Hills, Michigan, Informative Speech about myself and my animation company.
  • Girltopia, a meeting of over 12,000 Girl Scouts at Staples Center in Los Angeles. Informative Speech about myself and my animation company, followed by a book reading of one of my books.



“I was introduced to Dani in 2010, when she pitched me her company and animated series.  I was immediately struck by her vision, entrepreneurial drive and professionalism.  I have enjoyed a great working partnership with Dani ever since.

Dani first started teaching at my summer camp programs at age 15.  Dani does more than just teach animation, as an individual on the autism spectrum, her success inspires our campers and parents to see potential to a population missing notable role models.  Both campers and parents have shared with me the impact that Dani has had on them and their lives to do more and see beyond the perceived limitations of what society considers a disability.”

Joey Travolta - Dani Bowman TestamonialJoey Travolta, Inclusion Films

“I first met Dani Bowman in the summer of 2012. She was teaching an animation summer camp at our offices in Columbus, OH. I was so impressed with the knowledge, skills, and abilities of this teenage dynamo – I mean she was already an animator, entrepreneur, and teacher – while still in high school! I asked Dani if we could do an impromptu video interview, and she graciously agreed. We were so impressed that, two years later, we were delighted to welcome Dani as keynote at OCALICON 2014, our largest annual event and one of the biggest autism and disabilities conferences in the country. She shared “Believe It: The Dani Bowman Story” with 1,000+ leaders, educators, parents, and self-advocates from 41 states. It was definitely one of the highlights that year – attendees lined up afterwards for a chance to meet and speak personally with Dani. Dani had big ideas and goals back then – and it’s been really exciting to watch from a distance and see those ideas and goals come to fruition through her successes in college and through Danimation Entertainment. If you don’t know Dani, just wait ’til you meet her. She does what every great speaker does – reaffirms our work, challenges our conventions, and inspires us to think differently about what is possible.”

Simon Buehrer - Dani Bowman TestamonialSimon Buehrer, OCALI

“Dani’s presentation held the attention of everyone in the audience for over an hour, and we would have liked her presentation to go on for even longer, as it was extremely entertaining! She combined her presentation with clips of her animation and life experience. Dani was articulate, animated, engaging, and informational. She was dressed professionally, and completed a “dry run” of her presentation, in the Performing Arts Center to make sure it was everything and more that both she and Gateway Academy expected from her. During her presentation, she was able to read her audience, and she was able to add levity to her story. We would have Dani back to Gateway Academy to speak to our Graduating Class every year, but she has become quite the busy entrepreneur. Since her presentation at Gateway, she is a very sought after speaker, and we know that she would be a true asset to your Speaker Roster.”

O Robin Sweet, Gateway Academy

Thanks for your leadership and engagement in the planning and delivery of the “Bridge to the Future V Youth Strand!” It was a pleasure to work together and hope we can do so again soon!

Derek Shields, Forward Works