The New DaniMation Entertainment Website will Open Soonish…

With updated, it will be my personal website related to being part of the autism community including public speaking, teaching animation, and appearances.

The new DaniMation Entertainment website will include an online resume only for animation, my list of commercial work including my 7 animated shorts that I premiered at San Diego Comic-Con. All of the DaniMation Entertainment related stuff will all be moved in. 🙂

With two separate websites and, people don’t have to worry which website will categorized as “Autism Advocate Related” or “Animation Related”.

Once the new website is up and loading, it will be ready for animation company clients to take a look at the portfolio. 🙂

Please stand by everybody! Gets Updated

My website is right now updating, and it will continue to change overtime as I continue to add more art in my Art Portfolio website,  some new videos like the behind-the-scenes of producing animated shorts, and new public speaking engagement videos.

Please hang tight everyone while Zyrin animates away! Thank you very much!