I am incredibly grateful for this honor– receiving the Beta Gamma Sigma 2020 Entrepreneurial Achievement Award and thank you to Dr. Joan Marques Dean of Woodbury University School of Business for nominating me and believing that I deserve such an honor.

I am so proud to be an alumni of Woodbury’s School of Media, Culture and Design with my BFA in Animation, and this May 2020 from the School of Business with my MBA in Global Strategy and Leadership.

In my personal academic experience of my last 7 years at Woodbury, the school does an amazing job of making all students feel comfortable and welcomed including people with different abilities such as autism like myself. Woodbury has always supported me in my education ever since I began taking classes when I was in the 10th grade of High School.
The chair of Animation at that time Dori Littel-Herrick believed in me, and allowed me to take part in a sophomore studio and junior studio class, even though I was just a high schooler–which really gave me confidence to go forward with my college career. Before Dori, all I ever heard from educators was I would not be able to even graduate high school because up to the 10th grade, all I had was special education classes due to my autism, but Dori believed in me and gave me the confidence to take the classes that I needed in high school to graduate and qualify for university.

For the past 7 years, I’ve had the best experience at Woodbury, first by taking classes while in high school, and then my undergrad receiving my BFA in Animation, and now this May, I will be graduating from the school of business with my MBA in Global Strategy and Leadership.

It would of been incredibly difficult to gotten this far without the belief and confidence of my professors and staff at Woodbury. So thank you to everyone at Woodbury for such an amazing educational program. But especially thank you to Dori Littel-Herrick of School of Media, Culture, and Design for your belief and your guidance. Also thank you to Mike Sonksen of Woodbury’s College of Liberal Arts for such insight of creative writing, poetry, learning all about my city of LA and your encouragement, and of course Dr. Satinder Dhiman Associate Dean of Business for your support and your continued belief that I can take my education to the next level of doctrine in positive psychology and Dr. Joan Marques the Dean of School of Business for your belief in me.

You will never know just how much you changed my life, and I will go forward doing my best to change the world for you and make you proud.