In my university Junior year during my Biology class, I met Ali Dwas. He is an international student, majoring in film.

He said he was having a hard time and was ready to give up and return to his home country. But when he met me and saw what I was doing despite of my challenges, he became inspired, so he decided to do his junior thesis film on me, “Dani 101”.

He received an award from our university for the “Outstanding Junior Film”. And it premiered at the PSIAF 2018 Palm Springs Intl. Animation Festival and Expo, opening up the Academy of Dream Awards panel.

Quote from Ali, “Dani gave me and my family a better understanding of how to treat my autistic nephew, and how to not allow challenges to stop you from reaching your dreams”.

This is the trailer to the documentary.

Unfortunately, we cannot show the full movie because he has entered it to film festivals. It’s only 11 minutes long because it’s a student film.

Ali, I really think you did a great job, thank you so much. 😀