WOW! My work shown at the MANN’S CHINESE THEATERS!?  

I’m so honored to be one of the featured animators on Bill Plympton‘s Your Face Global Jam, AND that it’s accepted to so many film festivals including the Beverly Hills Film Festival, AND will be shown at the TCL Chinese Theatres on April 4th at 9:15pm.  

I’m so honored that the creator Ken Mora asked me to represent on opening night “April 4th” on the red carpet at the Mann’s Chinese Theater?!? Double WOW!  

​”In 1987, Bill Plympton, now heralded as ‘The King of Indie Animation’ was nominated for an Oscar for his debut hand-drawn animated short film ‘Your Face‘. For 2017, animators around the world came together for the 30th anniversary of that nomination to ‘Jam’ this historic milestone and celebrate his world-wide influence.” – Ken Mora.

Also the film was accepted to the following film festivals:

  • Arizona International Film Festival
  • Athens ANIMAFEST
  • Dragon Con Independent Film Festival
  • SHORT to the Point (Film Festival in Bucharest, Romania)
  • USA Film Festival
  • Las Vegas Film Festival

…and we’re just getting started! ;)

This is such a big deal for me, it feels as if the animation community is finally accepting and welcoming me for my work, In spite of my autism. My work is what matters, not my autism.  

YES that is my evil plan……First to be accepted for my work and then to feature what we can do.  With the hopes that someday all companies can learn to look beyond our autism, and focus on what we can do, not at what we can’t!  

I want to open doors to others with autism to be accepted in the animation industry and other industries for exactly who we are.  So no person with autism ever has to feel they need  to “act” Neurotypical, and business/companies can soon realize that they have nothing to fear, but fear itself.  

I’m hoping that this short is accepted at a film festival or two in London, so that my friends from Anna Kennedy Online can have a chance to see some of my work on the big screen, and also hopefully companies in Europe can be inspired to consider people with autism in their work place.

As a Woodbury University classmate of mine wrote in an interview she did on me:

“After meeting Dani, my perception of autism has certainly changed. I use to think there was a cap to their success and how far they could succeed in the professional world because of their disability. I am more than happy to be proven wrong. Companies need to be more open about hiring autistic employees because autistic professionals like Dani are either going to bring in talent or competition.” – Kendra Quadra 

Kendra’s full write-up Interview about me will be featured on my next blog entry.

Thank you to my Woodbury University College of Liberal Arts professor Mike Sonksen for inspiring me, and to my Woodbury animation department professors Ric Heitzman, Dori-Littel Herrick, Doug Post, and Novak for all the guidance.

As always, a HUGE Thank you to ToonBoom Animation for providing the software to make my piece of this Global Jam!

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