In the first episode, I explain about my animation workshop that Spectrum Laboratory and I collaborated on, The Spec Saturday Animation Workshop.

I teach this program to students on the autism spectrum and other special needs from pre-production, animation principles, and collaborating on projects.

Through this program, My students and I animated, produced, and completed SpecLab’s first fully animated music video “Be A Friend”, which premiered at SpecLab’s SpecFest.

I also talk about the upcoming documentary, Schlitzie: One Of Us—which is our first gig and we as team are credited as the animation crew on IMDb.

The next workshop is on January 27th.

To register for the next workshop, go to:

Or email at:
[email protected]

A huge thank you to ToonBoom for providing the software and for the sponsorship.

A proud partner of Anna Kennedy Online.

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