Enrollment Completion

Welcome to 5mRx and thank you for completing our online enrollment process.

Our goal is to have your practice dispensing within 21 days of registration.

Here’s more information about what happens next.


The following documentation is required to onboard each site:

  • A copy of the Physician In Charge (PIC) DEA license
  • A copy of the PIC’s State Medical License
  • A signed copy of our Affiliation Agreement which you will find here.

If your practice desires to ePrescribe to your dispensary, we will also need to obtain an NCPDP number for your practice if you don’t have one at a cost of $275.00 that we will add to your provisioning order. We are required to collect the following additional documentation for NCPDP:

  • An official document from the IRS with your practice’s tax ID, a W-9 is not accepted. You’ll find samples of acceptable documentation here.
  • A separate NPI Type 2 Organizational for each location. You can apply for an NPI number here.
  • You will need the following Information:
    Organization Name
    Employer Identification Number (EIN)
    Name of Authorized Official for the Organization
    Phone Number of Authorized Official for the Organization
    Organization Mailing Address
    Practice Location Address and Phone Number
    Taxonomy (Provider Type)
    Contact Person Name
    Contact Person Phone Number and E-mail

Please email the above documents to credentialing@5mrx.com as soon as possible.

Your Formulary

If we haven’t finalized your formulary yet, we’ll be working with you to finalize your starting inventory and determine computer and cabinet configuration. We strongly encourage a conservative stocking order to start with, our software will create suggested orders based upon your dispensing, and we will work with you to expand your formulary based upon your prescribing profile. Once your final stocking order is finalized, we’ll start processing your order once we have a credit card on file.

Ordering, Invoicing, Payment

5mRx requires a credit card on file for purchases of our medications loaded into our secure website oms.5mrx.com, and we will not start processing your order until the credit card is on file. Detailed instructions are here<> The OMS account user is the primary contact you just entered. You should have already received the welcome email from OMS with your temporary password. You can always click on “Forgot Password” and a new temporary password will be emailed to you.

Once the card is on file, the order creation process authorizes the card on file for the amount on the order. We don’t invoice you for the product until the product has shipped, and your card is charged at that time. We send the following emails to you in the order process:

  • Order confirmation when the order is placed. Please review the order confirmation upon receipt to ensure that your order is correct.
  • Order in process when we’ve started packaging your order.
  • Invoice when the product has shipped. Your credit card is charged at this time.
  • Shipment with the tracking number.
  • Your inventory import file and the shipment tracking information. We’ll tell you more about the inventory import file during training.

Return Policy

You may return product for up to one year from date of purchase. Credit policy is as follows:

  • 100% credit up to two weeks after shipment.
  • 50% credit to be applied against future purchases up to 6 months after shipment.
  • 25% credit to be applied against future purchases up to one year after shipment.
  • 0% credit after one year.

You may return outdates and 5mRx will have them properly destroyed at no additional charge to you. Outdates will be very rare since the 5mRx software will be managing your inventory.

Return Exceptions

Brand name, refrigerated products, and schedule 2 control substances are not returnable, please consider carefully when ordering these products.

Item Pricing and Substitution

We continually work to find the lowest possible price for the items in your formulary, that means that we search the market for special buys that we pass on to you when they are available. Special prices may not be available and our prices do adjust to market conditions. We will notify you of significant increases in price before fulfilling your order. Additionally, our pharmacist may make a substitution when there is a more cost effective equivalent item, no different than the substitution typically made by a retail pharmacy without your knowledge. Usually, this is a change in dosage form, such as capsules versus tablets.

Once your order had been placed:

Ordering / shipping to your account will begin as soon as method of payment has been uploaded into the 5mRx OMS system. Once that is verified, the following shipments will begin to take place.

Cabinets: From the time of order placement, the cabinets should take 2-3 days to arrive at your facility. Carrier delivery will be coordinated with you thru the vendor. Your sales representative and your office will be notified of the expected delivery date. Set up will be coordinated with 5mRx.

Form 222 for Schedule 2 medications: Form 222’s will have been ordered for you at the time of your account set up if you have acknowledged you will be purchasing Schedule 2 medications. PLEASE CONFIRM with 5mRx once those are in your possession have been mailed as directed. These forms must be sent to 5mRx before Schedule 2 medication can be shipped. We will send you detailed instructions on how to fill out this form. 2 packs of 25 should last approximately 1 year of reorders.

Medication: Multiple shipments will come from Prescript (our filler). Email notification on all shipments will be sent to your account’s designated contact person you provided during enrollment when shipped with tracking numbers. We typically ship USPS priority mail with a 2-3 day delivery. Medication shipments will be timed so that they arrive shortly after cabinets so that there is a place for them.

Computer, Monitor, Printer, Keyboard:

  • If you purchased a turnkey computer system, the computer and printer will be shipped to you via UPS. This shipment may also include your labels. The monitor will be shipped separately, but timed to arrive around the same time as the computer.
  • If we are installing on your office computer system, we will ship printer and scanner directly to your office and we will coordinate the installation of the software on your office system.


Labels may be included with the computer shipment above, or be drop shipped to you via UPS from our vendor BayTech Label. if shipped separately, labels will typically arrive within 7 days after the order confirmation is emailed to you.

Software Set-Up:

  1. You will receive email with their retail medication costs. You will need to agree on Patient Price so 5mRx can have that preloaded on Inventory Files that the customer downloads.
  2. A template will be sent to you to collect to set up your system administrator, furnishers and prescribers that will be needed for training and start up. Please have this completed before your training date.

Installation/Training: Training is tentatively scheduled for 21 days after the initial order is placed. We will coordinate start up activities and on-site installation & training will be done prior to that date.

If you have any questions, please reach out to:

Neil Schanbusch

Dispense Platform Manager


314-603-4010 cell