5mRx® is Changing the Future of Pharmacy

5mRx® is changing the future of pharmacy.  Offering the most efficient and cost effective work flow alternative to traditional dispensing methods, the 5mRx® physician dispensing software eliminates the source of most dispensing errors.  With the 5mRx® compact storage system, providing medications to patients has never been easier.  Medications are pre-packaged into sealed, child-resistant, tamper-evident containers, and pre-labeled to the doctor’s specifications in a truly ready-to-dispense format. Simply add the patient name, date, doctor’s name, and refills using the software. 

According to Bill Hartig, founder of 5mRx®, “5mRx® provides a simple and easy means for physicians to dispense medicines to their patients in their offices.  By dispensing themselves, physicians save their patient’s time, making it easy for patients to obtain their medicine.  In addition, 5mRx® reduces the physician’s risk by not relying on others who may fail. Overall, 5mRx® is the safest and most convenient means to provide prescriptions to patients.”

When asked what led him to create 5mRx®, Bill responded by saying, “It was 1984, when I was a sales person for a large pharmaceutical manufacturer.  A dentist wanted to purchase direct, but had no way to meet all of the packaging, labeling, and recording-keeping requirements for dispensing pharmaceuticals.  It’s always been legal for physicians to dispense, but they must do it correctly.  No longer can physicians give medicines in paper envelopes like they did up until the 1980s.”  Based on the need for physicians to dispense medicines correctly, Bill’s manual dispensing system evolved into the 5mRx® software-based total dispensing solution.

5mRx® provides many benefits to both the physician and the patient including convenience, reduced risk, reduced costs, and even increased profits.  But when asked what the most important benefit is, Bill stated, “Convenience.  Yes, 5mRx® is a profit center for the physician but most of my physician customers say their decision to dispense was based primarily on the added convenience for their patients.  For example, 5mRx® makes it easy for surgery centers to send their patients home with the 3 prescriptions they need for the next 5 days.  No longer must the patient stop by the pharmacy on the way home from surgery.  Physician dispensing provides a valuable benefit to patients.”

Bill continued, “5mRx® is convenient for physician offices as well.  A typical physician office may spend 1.5 man-days a week just approving refills.  Now, offices can refill and dispense prescriptions in less time while adding a new profit center.  5mRx® is great option for both patients and doctors.”

Dispensing to patients can be efficient, convenient, and profitable. By having your medication pre-packaged in custom labeled unit-of-use containers, you are able to virtually eliminate packaging and labeling errors along with the cost of staff involvement in the packaging and labeling process. 5mRx® dispensing stations can place up to 6,000 ready-to-dispense units within reach of a single person.